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Our Core Values Guide Every Recommendation We Make.




We are an honest and trustworthy business. We respect all people and adhere to the highest ethical standards while firmly believing in accountability, hence our strong ethical principles shall always remain intact.

We recognize that each of our customers is a person first, and a client second, so we take the time to listen and fully understand each one’s goals in order to apply the strategies and products necessary to reach them.

We have pledged a commitment to providing efficient and effective insurance solutions, while delivering nothing short of total satisfaction, in a timely and professional manner.


About Us

Welcome to Wellnest Insurance – where we insure your health and protect your nest. I am Bruno Nascimento, independent health & life insurance broker and agency owner. Licensed across 30+ states and representing all well-renowned U.S medical insurance companies. For the last 13 years I’ve helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses find health insurance solutions specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Navigating the intricacies of health insurance can be daunting and I am here to simplify that journey for you. Being an independent broker permits me unrestricted access to diverse plans, enabling me to compare and present you with the most suitable plan for you.

The path towards your perfect insurance plan begins with a simple phone call. I prioritize understanding your health needs and budget to filter through all the options. My industry knowledge and expertise are at your disposal to help zero in on the ideal plan for you, making the process as simple as it gets.

As your personal health insurance guide I am here to lend support and assistance whenever required. Be it comprehending your policy, identifying in-network providers, or any other query or concern related to your coverage, I am just a call away.

I am firm in my belief that quality healthcare should be universally accessible and I am devoted to ensuring my clients achieve this. If you are ready to safeguard your health and financial stability, I am more than ready to assist. Let me be your trusted resource in your journey to better health insurance.

Thank you for considering Wellnest Insurance advisors as your health insurance platform. I eagerly await the opportunity to serve you.

Yours sincerely,

Bruno Nascimento


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